As voice & speech coaches for actors, directors, artistic teams and producers, we work with our clients to develop and promote:

  • Presence

  • Audibility

  • Clarity

  • Stamina, and

  • Connection.

Our techniques are rooted in the work developed by Patsy Rodenburg, O.B.E.  We are Registered Rodenburg Teachers — a select cadre of experienced professionals trained by Patsy Rodenburg and specifically given the authority to deliver her proprietary Second Circle voice & speech pedagogy. 

When working with our clients, our focus is primarily on the instrument — the body, breath, voice and speech systems  — required to engage theatre and film audiences and to deliver great texts. (And, sometimes, those not-so-great texts that need to be delivered equally as well.)  And after, or as a part of, establishing the technical foundations of voice & speech craft, we develop company ensembles and assist actors and directors with the intellectual and/or emotional connection to and interpretation of the text.  

Our Artistic Services, Include:

  • Leading/Creating Voice & Speech Departments

  • Providing On-staff or Ad-hoc Production Support to Directors & Artistic Directors (Stage & On-camera)

  • Creating Ensembles

  • Facilitating Private Coaching Sessions for Actors (at the request of the Director or Production Teams)

  • Preparing Actors for Auditions

  • Coaching & Training Actors

We can be engaged by the hour, the week, the production, or for one’s entire career.

Aesthetic Philosophy:  We too often find (especially in the United States) that theatre and film practitioners do not place enough emphasis on voice work, neither In their production planning nor in their daily routines.  And, consequently, we rely too heavily on microphones (theatre), so that the actors can be heard. But, the actor’s fundamental job is to develop craft — the audibility, clarity and stamina to make their spoken word heard, without amplification.  Amplification (although certainly a legitimate artistic choice) should not be relied on de rigueur — it introduces a barrier to the human connection between speaker and listener. We train theatre artists to help eliminate that barrier and optimize the experience for themselves and their audiences.  Hire a professional. 

“Go, make you ready.”