William Ryder

William Ryder is an actor, communications consultant and leadership coach based in Chicago, USA (headquarters).  He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Registered Rodenburg Teacher.  He is also a Member-at-Large of the Board of Directors of Voice and Speech Trainers Association. Ryder began his professional career at Arthur Andersen & Company. He resigned from the Ethics and Responsible Business Practices service line shortly before the firm’s demise (for unethical and irresponsible business practices).  (No joke.) And, began his journey as an artist and educator under the tutelage of Patsy Rodenburg, O.B.E. His clients and colleagues include Fortune 500 c-suite executives, leaders of major healthcare organizations, Al Pacino, Susan Lucci, Shakespeare Behind Bars, and others.


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Our Color Story

The color palette for the RyderWorks brand — shades of brown and pink — represent for us the variety of skin and flesh tones that make-up our humanity. We believe that the human voice is our most powerful tool for change and optimization, and we are here to help free your voice and be heard.