As consultants and coaches to leaders and communicators in the commercial space, we leverage our transferrable classical theatre skills, such as:  presence, communication (speaking, language specificity, rhetoric), and leadership to help executives, lawyers, broadcasters, medical providers, negotiators, customer service representatives, etc., develop the tools they need to lead teams, persuade others and advance their causes and careers.

  • Are you a leader?  Do you aspire to be one?  Can you command a room?

  • Are you present?  Can you sustain your presence?  Do you know what it means to be present and to get others to be present with you?

  • Do you speak clearly?  Audibly? Powerfully? And, from a place of a mutual exchange of energy?

  • Do you write clearly (more than 140 characters), with precise language?   

  • Do you have a seat at the table?  Do you even have the skills to get there? 

Our Project And Workshop Services, Include:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Building Ensemble Work Teams

  • Organizing Lines of Communications

  • Helping emerging leaders to “Walk Into Their Power” (especially designed for women leaders)

  • Speech Writing and Presentation Creation & Delivery

  • Technical & Creative Writing (e.g., policies, job descriptions, résumés, and other business collateral)